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Our Video DJ's

WOOP is Cleveland's only NON-COMMERCIAL community radio controlled by the board of directors below. The LP after our name means LOW POWER. WOOP's 100 watt power only covers most of Bradley County. With a transmitter located on the Hill of the Holiday Inn our signal is strong in town but may be spotty in parts of Bradley County. We use volunteer video disc jockies. Our purpose is not to make money as commercial stations, but to make Cleveland a better place to live by bringing common sense issue to our listeners. We don't care if you like us or hate us but please listen to us.
99.9 FM

DJ Fro Daddy

Jeff Rentfro was born and ("rear"ed!) in Cleveland, TN, as he takes claim as bein' the original JACK"ASS" around these parts, regardless of claims from others in the industry. His nickname has been "FRO" for as long as he can remember, so "FROdaddy" seemed a natural fit on the radio. "FRO" has had many stints through the years on RADIO as well as TV, of course none of them were payin' gigs, or were even remotely successFOOL, so when this DJ position opened up at the WOOP, hey, who better?
99.9 FM

The Matadoor

Cleveland's own Randy Jarrett is the doorman at the Bistro. He is the "matadoor" because he guards the "door" and the "mat" and he is like a matador because the people charge into the Bistro like bulls. Stay tuned, cuz when The Matadoor is on the air, WOOP has no clue as to what he will say next.


More to Come

Tune in and enjoy music so old its turned in to mold.
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